500 Shades of Grey

Forget 50 Shades of Grey, we humans can see approximately 500 Shades of Grey! Since the inception of the pin-hole camera, black and white photography has never lost it’s appeal and with digital photography it’s so easy to change from color to monochrome. 

As someone who printed his own images in a darkroom, I feel like I was raised in a world of B&W. The secret is to try to think and see in black and white. Just ask yourself what will create strong contrast, texture and feel. There are lots of great websites and Instagram pages devoted to black and photography. So give it a go, it will give your images a whole new look and perspective.

The image below is great example of how exciting monochrome can be. I took the same image in color and it just didn’t have the same impact! 








This is a sneak peak into the Mazzoleni Concert Hall of the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. The conservatory is home to three outstanding venues and I have been fortunate to see and hear Vilde Frang and Canada’s own Cecillia String Quartet.DSC_4045

This is my violin, let’s just say that my photography is much better than my playing. That said Mozart and Monochrome make for a great combination!



Growing up I always wanted to be an architect but my math scores sucked, anything I designed would probably collapse! Great design is a great reason to set your camera to monochrome. 




5 thoughts on “500 Shades of Grey

  1. Really beautiful photos! Sometimes I feel like ‘this photo is going to be better in black and white’. It really gives the picture whole new feeling and I love that! The picture of violin is my favourite!



  2. I really love the content of this blog post … you showed me with your photography, but explained what I was experiencing through your words, and now I see what black and White empowers a photographer to achieve! It is an art unto itself!!! Thank you Dave!!


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