Art Gallery of Ontario

In 2008, Toronto’s famous Art Gallery of Ontario reopened it’s doors. The outside glass and wooden facade and spiral staircase was designed be renowned architect (and Canadian) Frank Gehry. In fact, the New York Times wrote “this may be Mr. Gehry’s most gentle and self-possessed designs.”  It was called “a masterly example of how to breathe life into a staid old structure”. DSC_3211DSC_3156DSC_3153

The now renowned Spiral Staircase is a design marvel. Unless you have actually walked the stairs, a description doesn’t do it justice. Its a combination of sweeping design, textures and light. In fact, at times I found it hard to find my bearings, it creates illusions and a feeling of unbalance. Gehry describes the staircase as a “space where people might bump  into each other and even fall in love”.  


A favorite go-to-spot at the AGO is the Galleria Italia. It’s a light-filled showcase of wood and glass running the full length of the gallery’s second floor. Here you’ll find European pastries, Italian soda, gelato, a picturesque view of the city and even a little solace. 


7 thoughts on “Art Gallery of Ontario

  1. Oh wow … these are exquisite photographs and I love the description as well. I cannot even imagine how he got that shape to function as stairs. When Art and Function meet like this, it’s magical. Kind of like putting a man on the moon or something. Your lens tells the story so well!! I could look at these photos and dream all day long!


  2. This is such s beautiful place. I love galleries an this one is exeptional! You’ve captured it so well! Thank you for that! I hope I will visit one day



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