Chateau De Versailles

The trip from Paris to Versailles is about 45 minutes and is made easy on the Versailles Express Coach. Known as the largest palace in the world, the palace has over 700 rooms and the grounds cover more that 2000 acres. The artwork alone is worth the trip. Just be prepared for an hour line-up. DSC_5322DSC_5346

More than 3 million tourists from around the globe visit the palace each year!

DSC_5350DSC_5356The Hall of Mirrors is beyond words. Just take a look at the lady in the blue jacket, in the bottom left, her expression says it all.DSC_5385DSC_5389DSC_5390The Gardens of Versailles are also beyond belief, manicured lawns, lakes, fountains , trees and statues abound. My photographs don’t do the gardens justice. If you want to see more, I strongly suggest you check out the Dior commercial (long version) from 2012 called Secret Garden Versailles, featuring Daria Strokus and the music of Depeche Mode.


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