City of Angels

In 2013, my daughter Breanne entered a contest to visit Los Angeles and receive the full red-carpet treatment to attend the Hollywood premiere of The Hunger Games – Catching Fire. Well guess what… she WON! So we tagged along to LA to make a vacation out it.

For those of you have visited and those who haven’t, the City of Angels offers something for just about everyone. Who doesn’t love beautiful weather, ocean surf, Hollywood fame, cars that don’t rust and every designer store known to mankind.

LA we love you! DSC_0710DSC_0727DSC_0777DSC_0752DSC_0742Another architectural marvel designed by Canadian Frank Gehry. Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the building is a striking marvel of steel and pristine acoustics. I could spend all day photographing this place and then cap it off with a recital of chamber music.DSC_0836DSC_0846DSC_0858DSC_0779As Vin Scully would say “it’s time for Dodgers baseball”. Living in Toronto there aren’t many Dodger fans but I happen to be one, so I had to make the trek to Dodger Stadium. Opened in 1962, the stadium holds more than 57,000 people and has perfect sight lines including the downtown skyline and the infamous Hollywood sign in the distance from third base. With the exception of some grounds crew, a few baseball fans from Japan, I had the whole place to myself. “Go Dodgers” DSC_0866DSC_086711127296876_8333b5a1d1                                                                            After 2451 miles, depending on your perspective, Route 66 ends or starts at the Santa Monica Prier. Who doesn’t love LA?DSC_0705DSC_0702

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