Paris Is Always a Good Idea

Dusk on the Seine

First evening in Paris and after eating at the famous Cafe de Flore, we walk down Rue Bonaparte to find the Seine River and stumble across the famous Love-Lock Bridge. The Seine is lined with Book Stalls or Bouquinistes. With over the 900 Green Boxes,the sellers sell journals, stamps and posters. The sun is setting in Paris and it doesn’t disappoint!DSC_0753DSC_0754DSC_0764DSC_0772

Hotel Victor Hugo

This classic hotel provides a short walk to both the Arc de Triumpe and Trocardero offering one of the best views in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Old world charm and crazy small elevators!DSC_5201DSC_5202DSC_5204DSC_5203DSC_5216DSC_5287The craziest thing happened in the Paris Metro. We saw the sign and decided to go down and take a look. It wasn’t very busy and this attractive girl came up to us and offered to take our picture. I was just about to offer her my Nikon D7000 and my wife said “no that’s OK, we don’t need a picture.” Afterwards she was convinced that the women was all set to run off my with camera and in retrospect she was probably right! Think about it, who offers to take a picture of people in the Paris Metro? It’s not like we were standing in front of the Eiffel Tower with hundreds of other people having their picture taken. Better to be safe than sorry – right!  DSC_5266DSC_5267DSC_5286                     Lucky for us this was our second trip to Paris. When we hit the Champs Elysees it was one day after the election of France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron. The avenue was covered in red, white and blue of le fleur de lys. Security was tight but at noon the avenue once again opened up to cars and the usual throng of people. This avenue is magical with designer shops and cafes. My one wish would be to be on the Champs Elysees for the final stage of the the Tour de France. Now that would be magical.DSC_5512DSC_5457 A stroll along the Champs Elysees is a feast for the senses. Full of famous luxury brand stores, cafes and even car dealerships. It’s home to a who’s who of fashion from around the world and it’s a street photographers dream!    DSC_5453DSC_5504DSC_5541

8 thoughts on “Paris Is Always a Good Idea

  1. I look at these photos and it’s as if I were there. You have a gift of perspective and communicating your own experience to the viewer. I am your fan! Thanks for letting me come along. Paris has always been a dream of mine.


  2. Love this!! You’ve really made me want to go to Paris!! You have a way with words! It’ all looks and sounds like a small glimpse of heaven.


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