Free Fall-In

Autumn in Canada is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Forests, parks, city streets and backyards are filled with an abundance of color. It’s a wonderful time to take photographs! My hope is that by you taking a browse through the images below will be a lot like going on a hike on a crisp fall day. I’ve tried to go beyond the stereo typical to select those images that capture fall in a different light.DSC_1261DSC_4251Sandra Bartocha is a nature and landscape photographer from Germany that I discovered online who has published numerous books and has been featured in multiple magazine articles. Without the use of multiple exposures, this is my attempt to copy her beautiful style. Using a small aperture and a slow shutter speed, the technique provides movement that otherwise is difficult to illustrate. You can see Sandra’s beautiful work at  



Instead of looking ahead, sometimes it’s well worth looking up especially when it’s a beautiful collection of color. The results is an impressionist style view of fall. 


Blue sky provides the perfect contrast for golden leaves. 


I’m not a big fan of using a tripod, it’s just another thing to lug around when shooting. But this image was my first attempt at time exposures which would be a disaster without a tripod.  Using a speed of 1/30th of a second and a low density filter I was thrilled with the results. The distant end of the river looks like a tunnel of gold and the blurred water movement looks like a sheet of ice. It was well worth the cold hands!
The sunset outside our house late on a Sunday night – wow!


13 thoughts on “Free Fall-In

  1. Wonderful photos Dave. Especially considering we have not had a normal fall. Our two sugar maples have not given us any colour at all this year. Thank you for reminding me of how beautiful fall is. Linda


  2. David: You have some really beautiful and colourful shots! I really enjoy seeing the photos that you share with all of us! I hope the colours of Fall will show themselves soon. Thanks

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  3. Wow David, you captured fall in Canada so beautifully. I really enjoyed each and every picture so much! These colours, light and shapes are incredible!


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  4. WOW!! Your best post to date Dave! It’s great seeing you experiment with time lapse and Sandra Bartocha style photography. What you end up with is still distinctly yours, but it’s great to stretch and be made better through otgers’ Inspiration and teaching. Looking at these photos is a huge gift on an otherwise practice filled anxiety filled day. These colors are too vibrant and push all that away. Thank you!


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